Thursday, October 3, 2013

Metal Bowels and Hoover Cars

There's one big thing I've learned personally: it's okay to make spelling mistakes. It's okay to make errors. It's okay if you're missing a comma here and there. Trust me: it's not the end of the world if your draft isn't perfect. No one expects it to be.  Get your piece written, get some advice, and then go back and edit the hell out of it. Because it will need edits. Every story needs edits. Thinking you're perfect will only make it that much harder to get recognized seriously. Find a few people whose opinions you genuinely trust, such as a group of like-minded individuals or fellow writers, and ask them what they think. If you're project is long term and you have a group helping you as you go, so much the better, because you will improve and make less mistakes - or different ones, anyway - as you go on. So turn off spell check, set your timer, and write. Until the final publishing, you can always go back and fix it later.

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